About Us

Chairman’s Message

I am glad to see the progress of the students who are competent, accountable, and achievement-oriented. Over a decade, there has been a tremendous advance in learning Science, commerce, and Sociocultural reinforcements. True to our purpose, we have metamorphosized into a wholesome qualitative, informative, student-centric environment in the college.

Our goal to produce not just knowledgeable students but highly intelligible personalities who can contribute significantly to the country as young exuberant citizens of tomorrow. We truly believe that education does not end with examination but it prepares one for life. These ideologies having been inscribed in every Student’s, I am sure our students will remain more focused to cross many milestones embedded with courage, determination, and steadfastness to make a better tomorrow.

The Vijayam campus at Chittoor is a modern infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art labs, including Library, Computer labs and Training rooms, Modern classrooms.

Wish you a great success.

Executive Director’s Message

Vijayam Educational Institutions were founded by visionaries Dr. Thejo Moorthy with a vision of imparting holistic and value-based education. A profound belief in education that focuses on inculcating social values, compassion, dedication, discipline, and grooming to be resourceful and responsible citizens of India and the world.

Youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Hence, our aim is to provide unmatched qualitative education. We are VIJAYAM DEGREE COLLEGE belief in nourishing our students to be autonomous learners. We mold our students into responsible citizens who today are already well versed in various fields and can contribute fruitfully to society. The value of time is taught after all education is a stepping stone to success. Delegation and determination are the keys for them to blossom as young successful individuals. We teach the student how to think rather than what to think. We have weaved ourselves into the fabric of everyday existence.

We have been cheer leading the college and have provided them a platform to exhibit their superfluity of talents. Our students take time each day to acknowledge the beauty around them to appreciate the amazing people who touch them and to leave the world a better place each day through their thoughts, actions, and words. The students are trained to face the world not only in academics but also in every aspect of the demanding and competing for the world of today.

About Our Campus

This institute was established in the year 2000 by the Dr.Thejo Moorthy. Situated close to the heart of the city of Chittoor, The main motto was to provide higher education to students Chittoor & Surrounding Villages.

Vijayam Degree College is dedicated to transforming the dreams of Dr. Thejo Moorty in translating their vision of education into reality.

The College has students from all walks of life and highly qualified faculty members. It is regarded as one of the best colleges in the Chittoor. The college provides a distinctive educational environment that enables young learners to grow not only in intellectual capacities but also in other dimensions of their being. The college creates an atmosphere conducive to innovative teaching and a rich range of learning. New students to the college are chosen from an annual pool of applicants on the basis of character, talent, academic ability as well as parental background.

What We focus

The College provides a flexible curriculum, it pays to heed to an all-round development focussing on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. This creates an atmosphere of confidence and confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.

The college focuses on the preparation of students to meet the academic requirements of the education while developing the students’ intellectual abilities, there is a conscious effort towards creating a wider awareness of the world and giving space for the development of the aesthetic, moral and emotional dimensions. Our hope is that students passing out from Vijayam Degree College would grow into self-aware, sensitive, and responsible human beings who remain life-long learners.

20 years of Excellence

In 2000, a Foundation stone was laid to establish a college to impart quality Hotel Management Education. It has been Over 20 Years, Vijayam has excelled as a pioneer in the field of Top quality Education. It is well known in the chittoor’s finest college. The college is affiliated to S.V. University,  this plays an important role in providing students a platform to develop their confidence and hands on experience.

Success Story

Its reputation as a leading Hotel Management education is based on a tradition of academic excellence, student culture, and industry-relevance that is unequaled among the Hotel Management Colleges in chittoor. Vijayam is more than just a good hotel management college, it’s a transformative experience where students adopt the attitudes of cultural understanding, attention to excellent service, Leadership skills and polite professionalism that they carry with them long after graduation.

Our Salient Features :

  • Spacious well-established campus.
  • Centrally located in the city of Chittoor.
  • Qualified and experience faculty.
  • Personality Development Programmes
  • Our college infrastructure labs and classrooms enabling all kinds of teaching methodology.
  • Personal counselling & attention towards each student
  • Since ours is an affiliated college from S. V. University
  • 100% Placement assistance.

Operating Philosophy :

  • Maintain National & Global Identity.
  • Encourage new ideas inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Promote & Support the research in all hospitality disciplines.
  • Operate with the ideals of humanity, liberty, integrity, responsibility & togetherness.
  • Bench mark against best practices.
  • Strive towards creating a human-centric, knowledgeable society.



“The College aspires to have a transformational impact on Students by creating a healthy atmosphere conductive to learning to make it enjoyable and rewarding and at the same time empowering them through quality education.”


“To impart quality education through necessary information, knowledge and skills which helps students to face challenges.

  • To inspire motivate and nurture the young minds.
  • To indicate moral, spiritual and social values in students.”


“The college is committed to making meaningful value addition to the larger interests of society with clear focus on the needs aspirations of each individual.”

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